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Lars Hoff


Ultrasound Transducer Research at USN

The ultrasound transducer is the component that converts between electrical signals and acoustic waves, acting as both transmitter and receiver for ultrasound waves. The transducer is an essential part in any ultrasound system, whether it is for medical imaging, underwater sonar, or industrial NDT applications. USN has an active research group in ultrasound transducer technology. Since 2015, we have been responsible for transducer research in the ‘Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions’ (CIUS), a Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) appointed by the Research Council of Norway. The research in CIUS is done in close collaboration with industry. The presentation will cover some of our projects in CIUS, and discuss some future trends and challenges in ultrasound transducer technology

Lars Hoff
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