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Max J. Tangen


Empowering Global Agriculture: Innovative Sensor Solutions for Sustainable Farming

In an era of rapidly evolving agriculture, harnessing sensor technology has emerged as a vital catalyst for global farmers. This presentation explores the pivotal role of sensor technology in revolutionizing the farming landscape.
With a special focus on securing crops, reducing food and water waste, and enhancing efficiency, we delve into the immense value that our sensors bring to farmers worldwide. The challenges of operating sensors in robust agricultural environments are addressed, showcasing our patent-pending non-intrusive flow detection technology as a unique solution.
The audience will gain insights into the close collaboration we have fostered with farmers in the development of these sensor solutions. We also present findings from a comprehensive study, supported by the Norwegian DOGA, which specifically examines sensor applications in outdoor farming.
Real-world examples from installations worldwide, including the recent deployment at Setniker Farms in Oregon, USA, illustrate how our sensors are making a tangible difference in agriculture.
While our solutions thrive in Scandinavian conditions, we acknowledge the universal challenges of connectivity and battery life in remote farming areas. Our message is clear: 7Sense Agritech AS is poised for significant growth, offering solutions that can revolutionize global agriculture and spark keen interest from investors. Join us to explore the future of sustainable farming through innovative sensor technology.

Max J. Tangen
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