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Philippe Monnoyer

Customer Account Lead- Hyperspectral Imaging and Microelectronics

Hyperspectral Imaging: Vision Redefined for a Technicolor Future

In a world where sight reigns supreme, hyperspectral imaging cameras stand ready to transform our sensory experiences. These cameras, with the ability to capture colours in nuances beyond the scope of human perception, carry considerable potential for sectors including medical diagnostics and environmental conservation. From pinpointing early signs of skin cancer to optimising the use of water and fertilisers in agriculture, hyperspectral technology is a testament to our ambition for progress.
VTT, along with its spinoffs such as Specim and Spectral Engines, have spearheaded this technological revolution. Our technology has even found a berth aboard nanosatellites, playing a crucial role in addressing global challenges, including climate change and food security.
At VTT, we are poised at the brink of a new epoch. We're set for a new generation of ultra- low-cost, high-performance hyperspectral cameras, powered by our proprietary MEMS Fabry- Pérot Interferometers. These devices, offering multispectral on-demand (or hyperspectral), fully programmable, no-compromise solutions, significantly increase their accessibility.
Envisage a world where mobile cameras democratise personalised healthcare and beauty routines, boost diet tracking, facilitate precision gardening, and even authenticate purchased goods and prescription drugs. With VTT's hyperspectral technology, this future is within our reach.
The transformative impact of hyperspectral imaging is merely commencing, with a projected 20% CAGR growth in the coming years. Whilst cost remains the primary hurdle to this growth, VTT's relentless innovation assures to smash this barrier, making hyperspectral imaging an empowering instrument for a plethora of applications. We extend an invitation to you to join us on this journey of discovery and innovation as we continue to push the boundaries of what's conceivable.

Philippe Monnoyer
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